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We are the FIRST Indonesia ornamental fish exporter that specialize on the RARE and EXOTIC freshwater ornamental fishes.

Our main project is to import, breed and export wide variety of Rare and Exotic tropical fishes to the world.

Our facility are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have our own breeding R&D department, That mainly focus on breeding rare fishes. One of our specialty is Rare Morph Fishes. These are normal fishes with rare genetics colouration, which make them super rare and highly seek among High-End fish collectors around the world. We're proudly to say We're the Best in The Business.

Our aim is to establish partnership with live tropical fish professionals around the world,therefore together we can share our high quality tropical fishes to all fish enthusiast around the world.

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Rare Morph Fishes
Rare Morph Fishes
Big Aqua Specialty fishes; we are the pioneer of Rare Morph Fishes breeding in Indonesia. and it is been our focus to keep breeding rare genetics fishes and export them worldwide
Freshwater Stingray
Freshwater Stingray
We have been breeding and exporting Potamotrygon Species such as : Our Special Snow Diamond, Black Diamond, Pearl Ray, Royal Marble Motoro and Hybrid.
Ornamental Fishes
Ornamental Fishes
Indonesia is very big country with many lake and river, Home for some of the well known fishes such as Arowana, Datnoids, Clown Loach and etc. And our country have been well known for breeding most of the fishes in the ornamental fish trade
Why Choose Us
These are the 8 advantages of BIG AQUA INDONESIA as your Live Tropical Fish Exporter
<b>Why Choose Us</b> Official Registered why 1 148x135
Official Registered
Big Aqua Indonesia is legally registered in the Indonesian Fisheries Department as a legal Ornamental Fish Exporter & Importer.
<b>Why Choose Us</b> OFI Member download
OFI Member
Big Aqua Indonesia is member of the Ornamental Fish International (OFI)
<b>Why Choose Us</b> Wide Variety of Rare Exotic and Captive Breed Fishes live tropical fish export indonesia
Wide Variety of Rare Exotic and Captive Breed Fishes
We have wide variety of ornamental fish from Unique Rare Morphs, Exotic Wild Fishes and Beautiful Captive Breed Fishes.
<b>Why Choose Us</b> Best Price Guaranteed tropical fish export best price guaranteed
Best Price Guaranteed
Best Price in the market with the Top Quality provided.
<b>Why Choose Us</b> 15 Years Experience 15 years experience indonesia tropical fish export
15 Years Experience
Export & Import Officially Established in 2010. But Our journey in the Ornamental Fish Industry started in 2005 .
<b>Why Choose Us</b> High Technology Farm  High Quality Control tropical fish export technology
High Technology Farm & High Quality Control
The New Big Aqua Farm 1 is Highly Monitored and Constantly Updated to Global Technology. Our Farm is Certified by the Government Fisheries Department for the Good Quarantine Process.
<b>Why Choose Us</b> INAFISH Association inafish
INAFISH Association
Well Recognition in Indonesian Tropical Fish Exporter Association (INAFISH)
<b>Why Choose Us</b> Guarateed Live Arrival For Worldwide Shipping live tropical fish export guaranteed
Guarateed Live Arrival For Worldwide Shipping
100% Live Arrival Guaranteed.
Jln. Pluit Mas Raya Blok DD/03, North Jakarta, Indonesia.
+622166602668 / +6287880527970 (Export Enquiry Only)
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